Mini Text Loans

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Mini Text Loans

Are you facing shortage of cash and need it in quick time as you have to pay off a bill carrying huge penalties on late payments? In circumstances such as these, you can relay on mini loans for instant approval and getting the loan amount in your bank account in few minutes. On certain terms and conditions, you are eligible to borrow the cash in hassle-free manner.

These Text loans are provided in very easy manner. To borrow the cash, all you are required to do is to send a text message from your mobile phone to the lender of your choice. Just as the lender gets the sms, he will wire the loan amount in your bank checking account. But to avail the loan, you have to be currently employed and getting regular monthly or bi-weekly salary.

Another procedure that you need to follow in order to avail tiny text loans is that you should first register your name with a lender of your choice. Send documents of your employment, salary, bank statements and residential address to the lender along with your loan application. The lender will register your name and will allot you a code number as your identity for the loan. at the time of borrowing the cash, type the message and code number and you get the cash as many times as you want from the same lender without any further verification.

You can get mini loans up to £100 for small sum of amount by sending a short text message. The fund is approved for a short period of 7 days only. You can borrow without any collateral as these are unsecured loans.

Another advantage is that mini text loans are quickly approved without subjecting you to any credit check. So, even with bad credit history and low credit rating, you can borrow quickly for urgency. However, compare as many lenders, especially online lenders, as you can to find out competitive tiny fund by sending a short text message. Make sure that you repay the loan on the due date to avoid penalties on late payments on mini and small loans.